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What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, or pentesting, is a form of ethical cyber security assessment that seeks to identify, safely exploit and help to remediate vulnerabilities across computer systems, applications and websites. By utilising the same tools and techniques used by cyber adversaries, pen testing replicates the conditions of a genuine attack.

Commissioning a penetration test enables organisations to reduce security risk and provide assurance into the security of their IT estates, by mitigating weaknesses before they can be maliciously exploited.

Fixes vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals

Supports PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance

Provides independent assurance of security controls

Demonstrates a continuous commitment to security

Improves awareness and understanding of cyber security risks

Supplies the insight needed to prioritise future security investments


Why your organisation needs a pen test

With threats constantly evolving, it’s recommended that every organisation commissions penetration testing at least once a year, but more frequently when:


Types of Penetration Testing

Network Infrastructure Testing

nCrypt rigorously investigates your network to identify and exploit a wide range of security vulnerabilities. This enables us to establish if assets such as data can be compromised, classify the risks posed to your overall cyber security, prioritise vulnerabilities to be addressed, and recommend actions to mitigate risks identified.

Web Application Testing

Web applications play a vital role in business success and are an attractive target for cybercriminals. nCrypt’s ethical hacking services include website and web app penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities including SQL injection and cross-site scripting problems plus flaws in application logic and session management flows.

Cloud Penetration Testing

With specific rules of engagement set by each provider, cloud penetration testing is not straightforward. Our range of custom cloud security assessments can help your organisation overcome these challenges by uncovering and addressing vulnerabilities that could leave critical assets exposed.

Wireless Testing

Unsecured wireless networks can enable attackers to enter your network and steal valuable data. Wireless penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities, quantifies the damage these could cause and determines how they should be remediated.

Social Engineering

People continue to be one of the weakest links in an organisation’s cyber security. nCrypt’s social engineering pen test service includes a range of email phishing engagements designed to assess the ability of your systems and personnel to detect and respond to a simulated attack exercise.

Mobile Security Testing

Mobile app usage is on the rise, with more and more companies enabling customers to conveniently access their services via tablets and smartphones. nCrypt carries out in-depth mobile application assessments based on the latest development frameworks and security testing tools.


Common security vulnerabilities

Some vulnerabilities just can’t be detected by automated software tools. By identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities that evade automated online scanning assessments, and providing clear help and advice to remediate issues, nCrypt’s ethical hacking and security penetration testing services enable you to understand and significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber security risk.

nCrypt is an award-winning provider of penetration testing services. Our range of CREST penetration testing engagements help organisations to effectively manage cyber security risk by identifying, safely exploiting, and helping to remediate vulnerabilities that could otherwise lead to data and assets being compromised by malicious attackers. All our CREST pen testing engagements are confidential and unlike real cyber-attacks,  are designed to cause no damage or disruption. A nCrypt pentest will help identify vulnerabilities including:

We look for open ports, use of weak password credentials and unsafe user privileges, as well as deep configuration issues that can be exploited to achieve network access.

We check that the encryption methods being used to protect and transmit data are secure enough to prevent tampering and eavesdropping.  

We examine software source code to identify code injection and memory flaws that could lead to the exposure of data. 

We test whether cookies and tokens used by software applications can be exploited to hijack sessions and escalate privileges. 

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Providing the support needed to address your vulnerabilities

To improve your organisation’s security, it’s important to not just continually identify vulnerabilities but also take action to address them. Our penetration testing as a service supplies clear remediation advice to help better protect your systems.

Here’s what you can expect to receive post-assessment: 

  • A detailed outline of all risks identified 
  • The potential business impact of each issue 
  • Insight into ease of vulnerability exploitation
  • Actionable remediation guidance 
  • Strategic security recommendations 




Frequently asked questions

A penetration testing service (or pentest) is a form of ethical cyber security assessment designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities affecting computer networks, systems, applications and websites so that any weaknesses discovered can be addressed in order to mitigate the risk of suffering a malicious attack.

In some regions, the terms are used interchangeably, or combined into a single offering as VAPT, but it there are important distinctions between the two services. While a vulnerability scan uses only automated tools to search for known vulnerabilities, a penetration test is a more in-depth assessment. Pen testing utilises a combination of machine and human-driven or even physical approaches to identify hidden weaknesses.

Pen testing is conducted by Redscan’s experienced red team of CREST accredited ethical hackers who possess an in-depth understanding of the latest threats and adversarial techniques.

CREST penetration testing services use a systematic methodology. In the case of a blackbox external network pentest, once the engagement has been scoped, the pen tester will conduct extensive reconnaissance, scanning and asset mapping in order to identify vulnerabilities for exploitation. Once access to the network has been established, the pen tester will then attempt to move laterally across the network to obtain the higher-level privileges required to compromise additional assets and achieve the objective of the pentesting engagement.

Penetration testing as a service utilises the tools, techniques and procedures used by genuine criminal hackers. Common blackhat pentesting methods include phishing, SQL injection, brute force and deployment of custom malware.

nCrypt’s pen testing team don’t rely on automated scanning applications. To detect hidden and complex vulnerabilities, they leverage a range of open source and commercial pentesting tools to manually perform tasks such as network and asset discovery, attack surface mapping and exploitation.

The time it takes an ethical hacker to complete a pentest is dependent upon the scope of the test. Factors affecting pentesting duration include network size, if the test is internal or external facing, whether it involves any physical penetration testing and whether network information and user credentials are shared with nCrypt prior to the pentesting engagement.

All businesses are advised to conduct a penetration test at least once a year, as well as after any significant upgrades or modifications to the company network. Given the rapid rate at which new exploits are discovered, nCrypt recommends that quarterly tests are performed. Regular penetration tests are often required for compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS.

Penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) is a continuous penetration testing approach that combines manual and automated procedures to provide ongoing assessment. Pen testing as a service can be performed alongside an organisation’s existing testing programme to ensure fixes are working as intended and security improvements are being made on a continuous basis.

nCrypt is a member of CREST, an international certification body for information security and penetration testing services. By choosing our CREST pen testing services, you can be sure that all assessments will be carried out to the highest technical and ethical standards. Our CREST certified penetration testers hold a range of cyber security certifications, demonstrating their ability to perform many types of penetration testing. Learn more about the benefits of CREST-accreditation.

After each engagement, the ethical hacker(s) assigned to the test will produce a custom written report, detailing and assessing the risks of any weaknesses identified plus outlining recommended remedial actions. A comprehensive telephone debrief is conducted following submission of the report.

Many types of penetration testing can be performed remotely via a VPN connection, however some forms of assessment, such as internal network pen testing and wireless pentesting, may require an ethical hacker to conduct an assessment on site.

Working with a single pentesting supplier can have its pitfalls, as over-familiarity with an IT environment can mean that some exposures may be overlooked. Choosing a penetration testing as a service partner like nCrypt, that invests in offensive security and employs ethical hackers specialising in a wide range of penetration testing types, can help to significantly reduce this risk while offering the added benefit of being a long-term, go-to, partner for support and advice.

A nCrypt penetration test is conducted in accordance with the strictest legal, technical ethical standards. Tests are designed to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities while minimising the risk of disrupting business operations.

The cost of a pentest is based on the number of days our ethical hackers need to achieve an agreed objective. To receive a pen test quotation, you will need to complete a pre-evaluation questionnaire, although nCrypt’s experts can help you with this.

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Our security qualifications

Our London based team of ethical hackers and penetration testing service experts possess the skills and experience to identify the latest threats.


Our penetration testing methodology

nCrypt’s security penetration testing services are based on a systematic approach to vulnerability identification and reporting. Our advanced pentest methodology includes:



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