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nCrypt specializes in comprehensive security services including Managed Security Services (Threat Detection, Security Technology Engineering) & Professional Services (Advisory Services, Identity Services, Technology Implementation, Threat Management & Incident Response).



Protecting your organization is a complex task that requires the right tools to meet your needs. In security, one size does not fit all, and organizations must carefully determine their requirements. 

The InfoExpress NAC platforms offer solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.  

  • Lower risk by seeing what’s on the network with minimal effort.
  • Provide limited guest access through self-registration or sponsorship.
  • Streamline employee BYOD to increase productivity without sacrificing control.
  • Leverage investment in an MDM solution by integrating mobile device control into your network.
  • Detect suspicious activity and react to it automatically or manually.


InfoExpress offers a family of appliances to meet different NAC requirements. All appliances support enforcement that secures access for mobile, desktop, and IOT devices without network changes, while supporting a core set of features.

  • Detect and enforce unknown devices on your network
  • Limit guests to needed resources
  • Support access for personal employee devices
  • Manage compliance for corporate devices

Easy NAC

Agentless NAC provides visibility and control without network or device changes. 


Full featured network access control to meet demanding compliance and enforcement requirements with agents for PC compliance checks. 


NAC appliance for dedicated, in-line VPN and LAN enforcement that uses agents for granular policies. 



InfoExpress provides 60 days of technical support and updates from the date of purchase. Annual priority support and maintenance contracts are also available. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Support is provided to administrators only. Administrators can open a support ticket by simply sending an email to the support email address.





Administrators can review tech notes online through our knowledge base. To access this information, please refer to the customer website provided when you signed up. If you can't retrieve this information, please contact us at or by phone.

about us

About Us

nCrypt provides network security solutions that enhance productivity and security through better visibility, improved security, and automating device and mobile access to the network.

Hundreds of security conscious-organizations use nCrypt products to secure their networks, data and client information.

nCrypt solutions have been deployed at organizations of all sizes throughout the world, ranging from mid-sized to some of the largest enterprise networks in the world.

Notable News

"Gartner's "Market Guide Network Access Control 2018" covers Easy NAC."
"Mobile Herald includes InfoExpress in market overview that lists major NAC manufacturers for 2018."
"eSecurityPlanet reviews how the InfoExpress NAC appliance manages visibility and access for organizations."


Benefits of Infoexpress NAC & easyNAC Solutions

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Easy to Implement and Enforcement

CGX Access uses ARP enforcement and HTTP redirection to control which devices can access the network. ARP enforcement is an out-of-band enforcement method that doesn’t require network changes. It works with any network infrastructure, both managed and unmanaged switches.

Simple LAN/WLAN Protection

It is easy to control which devices are allowed to access the network. Untrusted devices and rogue infrastructure that joins the network will immediately be detected and automatically restricted in real-time. Devices can be allowed access with simple ON OFF controls or policies can be set for automated access.

Automated MAC Address Whitelisting

CGX Access will regularly check with your Active Directory server to verify which devices are domain-joined. Devices that are confirmed as domain-joined will automatically be granted full access to the network. Devices that are not domain joined can be manually flagged as approved. In addition, device profiling can also be used to automate the process of flagging approved devices.

Anti Spoofing Protection

CGX Access provides a fingerprint feature to protect against MAC address spoofing. All devices on the network are profiled for their MAC address, IP, Operating System, and Hostname. This information can then be used to set a unique fingerprint for each device. Once a fingerprint has been set, the device(s) will be protected from spoofing.

Enforce Anti-Virus and Security Policies

CGX Access integrates with enterprise Anti-Virus vendors and leading endpoint management solutions, to verify endpoint security is active and up to date. By integrating with leading security solutions, CGX Access can enforce compliance with security policies. Devices out-of-compliance can be restricted at the point of network access.


Security appliances that are designed to monitor devices and network traffic can send event-based alerts for administrative action. CGX Access can receive e-mail alerts or event-based syslog messages from Firewalls, APT, IPS, SIEM, and many other types of security devices and then take immediate action when necessary. If CGX Access receives an alert that a device has malware, we can restrict it immediately.

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